Skype Interview Tips

In the current technological age and with the increase of multinational organisations operating within Ireland, there has been a steady increase in the need for Skype-based interviews. For many the very thought of a Skype Interview is enough to send them into a panic, however, there are a number of basic tips that you can follow to help to prepare yourself.

Consider your User Name

  • Often overlooked, ensure that your username is professional and business appropriate – create a second profile for business use if necessary.


Be aware of interruptions

  • As these interviews may be taking place in your home be sure to eliminate unnecessary distractions – turn your phone off, ask family for privacy, arrange for babysitters.


Think about the background

  • Consider where you will conduct the Interview. Choose a room that is not cluttered ideally with a bare wall or an office with your certificates or achievements on display.


Test audio and video

  • Just because your laptop has a built-in video camera and microphone doesn’t mean the quality is up to par. Instead, test out the video and audio capabilities on your computer and decide whether you need to buy a headset with a microphone or an attachable video camera


Practice makes perfect

  • Seeing yourself on screen talking for the first time can be an unnerving experience. To avoid being distracted we suggest practicing a few times prior to your interview this will all you to get used to your facial expressions and mannerisms. Remember to speak clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm. Conduct a test beforehand so you are comfortable speaking, if you are too quiet you may not seem confident, too loud and you will be shouting your way through the interview. Think of the points you want to get across and practice saying them.


Wear Business Attire

  • Although you may be conducting the interview from the comfort of your home it is essential to remember that this is still a formal interview and as such business attire is essential. For men think about the shirt and tie that you are wearing – avoid brash patterns that may dance on the screen. For ladies again think about how it will look onscreen and avoid florals and bright colours that are distracting, the interviewer should be focused on you and your achievements and not distracted by what you are wearing.


Focus on the camera, not the screen

  • One of the fundamental mistakes candidates make when conducting Skype interviews is looking at the screen rather than the camera. Candidates should consider this as a means of maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. If you focus elsewhere it can become confusing for the interviewer and make you appear distracted and indifferent.