Osborne’s TED Programme

Osborne Recruitment have provided Temporary Recruitment since the company was originally established in 1996. September 2014 saw the company relaunch this division as Osborne Temporary Staffing Solutions supported by a brand new logo and service offerings for Temporary Staff and Clients.

Today Osborne Recruitment is recognised as one of Dublin’s leading Temporary Staffing providers in the market.

What is the Osborne TED Programme?

Further to a recent study undertaken by the Managing Director on Temporary Staffing we are delighted to announce that we have developed a new programme unique to Osborne Recruitment called the ‘Osborne TED Programme’ – this is the first phase of our enhanced services and the first of its kind to enter the market.

Launched in September 2014, our new programme incorporates a series of new initiatives, service offerings and opportunities for Osborne Temps that focuses on improving quality of :

  • services and care provided by Osborne Recruitment to the Temp
  • personal development & training
  • increasing engagement in the workplace where you are on temporary assignment and with Osborne Recruitment

Who is the Osborne TED Programme for?

This programme is available to people who are actively temping with Osborne Recruitment. Some aspects of the programme may require length of service or successful participation in a recruitment and selection process.

What are the new & enhanced service offerings?

The new services and opportunities that are available to Osborne Temps fall under the following categories. Further details will be outlined to you on commencement of your temporary assignment through Osborne Recruitment’s Temporary Staffing Solutions Division.

  • Enhanced payroll, benefits and entitlements services
  • Communication and engagement
  • Training and ‘On The Job’ career development & new opportunities
  • Because we care & appreciate your professional representation of Osborne Recruitment

Download our Timesheet Template here: Osborne – Temp Timesheet