Meet the Team – Rachel Brown & Lauren Martyn

Meet the Team❤️

We thought it was about time you got to know our Recruitment Consultants. Introducing Rachel Brown & Lauren Martyn.

We asked both ladies some questions – read below for their answers.

➡️Rachel Brown

➡️Business & Recruitment Manager

Best thing about Recruitment ❓ Working with great people every day

Favourite Food ❓ Pasta

Hobby❓ Reading

Nickname ❓None

Fun Fact – I’ve recruited in Australia, Europe and North America

➡️Lauren Martyn

➡️Recruitment Consultant

We asked Lauren the following Questions:

Best thing about Recruitment❓Helping people who have had negative experiences with job hunting have a more positive experience

Favourite Food❓Burrito Bowl

Hobby❓Reading & Watching Netflix


Fun Fact- When I was a small child I once put potatoes in the washing machine – my mum didn’t know and ended up washing the clothes with the potatoes! sorry Mum!


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