Making a good first impression at an interview is key and candidates have to be quick – they have just seven seconds according to leading experts! Candidates can control their handshake, smile, eye contact, appearance and diction within those first seven seconds, but once that has passed, what do employers look for outside of qualifications, skills & experience to date?

Osborne CEO and owner, Shona McManus, knows that ‘Great people make a great business’ and that ‘ideal candidates, regardless of their sector, share common traits’. Here’s seven attributes to demonstrate at an interview.

  1. Confidence the right person will have presence and genuine confidence at an interview. Employers know that a successful business consists of employees that are willing to confidently take on challenges and generate new ideas.
  2. Curiosity – candidate’s enthusiasm for learning new things and their curiosity about the company, the direction it is taking, the team, etc. and desire to learn new skills comes high on the list. Candidates should ask intelligent questions at interview stage to get this trait across
  3. Flexibility & Agility – at work, within the role, with team members. Flexibility and ability to change/work in a changing environment are important attributes to highlight at interview stage
  4. Fit & Personality team fit & culture alignment is very important to employers. Candidates who have similar values to the company, team & clients and are assertive, efficient individuals will foster successful working relationships. Employers like to gauge personality during an interview so be aware of not only what you are saying but how you are saying it.
  5. Intelligence – employers are looking for candidates who can plan, solve problems, set priorities and showcase a practical ability to deal with the challenges of the role on a daily basis. It is not just about IQ, but also about emotional intelligence (EQ).
  6. Integrity – integrity goes hand in hand with dependability and both are high on employers agendas
  7. Communication Skills & Relationship Building – Being able to communicate & articulate yourself well will ensure you make a positive impression on your interviewer.